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Breast Cancer Survivor Turns Mastectomy Scars into Beautiful Tattoos of Empowerment

Breast cancer treatment options tumor survivor Dana Donofree is changing her battle marks into beautiful works of art–one significant tattoo at the same time.

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Five years back, only a full day before her birthday and 8 weeks before her wedding, Donofree was identified as having infiltrative ductal carcinoma, a typical form of breasts malignancy. She postponed her wedding and put in the next season dealing with a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and a grueling routine of chemotherapy.


Donofree had trouble coming to conditions with her changed physical appearance, with the removal and reconstruction of her chest especially. “I must say i had trouble finding myself again after cancer,” she told NY Daily News “My hair was gone, my eyebrows were gone, my eyelashes were gone…and these fraudulent boobs possessed considered the area of my natural chest.”

Now, at era 33, Donofree is continuing to grow to love and appreciate her body, thanks a lot partly to some tattoo designs illustrating her breasts cancer report from starting to end. One tattoo, a cherry blossom tree stretching out from one breasts to some other, celebrates her “tree of life.” An inked lotus blossom symbolizing rebirth protects her port scar tissue left from chemotherapy. And lastly, her “wings of life” signify her brave trip on her behalf and her man.

“I felt entire again,” Donofree accepted in a assertion to Mashable, about the importance to getting her tattoo designs. “I believed like I did so something for myself…not since it was what my doctors explained I had formed to do. I required back control. And this was what made me feel just like myself. It had been something I needed to do, then one that made me remember where I have been and what I have been though. I was empowered absolutely.”


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