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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney are involved in a high number of traffic collisions because automobile drivers have a hard time seeing motorcyclists on the roadway.  As an advocate for motorcyclists, the Brannon Law Firm knows the law applicable motorcyclists.  Motorcycles are legal motor vehicles, and the drivers and passengers of motorcycles have the same legal rights as those who are in automobiles.  When an automobile driver ignores those rights and injures a biker, our litigation attorneys work hard to hold the negligent driver accountable.



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Motorcyclists are more at risk for serious injury and death because motorcycles do not have airbags or a metal structure surrounding bikers to protect them when an accident occurs.  This means that the damage is done to a biker’s actual body as opposed to a car which acts to absorb part of the impact.  While those who wear helmets during motorcycle accidents have a much higher chance for survival, the injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents, specifically brain injuries and head trauma, are far more severe than from a regular car accident.  In fact, motorcycle accident victims are 21 times more likely to d.i.e than victims of a car or truck accident.  Our firm has handled many cases with catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths involving motorcycles.  Having an attorney that has experience in this area of law is very important, because brain injuries and head traumas are some of the most complex medical issues to address in court.



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