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International Travel Tips

International Travel Tips

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Whenever I go on a trip, the first thing I think of  is, “What will I wear?”. I start imagining which clothes to bring in my mind. I make sure that my outfit matches with the place in order to get the best photos. But how many of you think of what skincare to bring?

Traveling can be very stressful to the skin. Whenever we travel, whether it may be a place with cool or warm weather, our skin will react. Some will respond positively but more often our skin will start to break out.

 Did you know that the airplane is one of the worst places for your skin? When the airplane is up in the sky, the temperature inside of the airplane changes too. It dries out your skin and leaves it looking dull and lifeless. That’s why you always look so haggard after a flight and it could also be why that celebrities always wear shades in the airport.

International Travel Tips

Tip #1 Always put on sunblock and reapply every two hours
Putting on sunblock is not only important when you go to the beach. It should be part of your daily routine. The sun is the number one source of skin damage. You may think that you are protected when you indoors but even electronics give off radiation.
Tip #2 Bring a hat or an umbrella for extra protection
No, you cannot skin putting on sunblock if you have a hat or an umbrella. The umbrella or hat does not actually protect you 100% from the sun. A little bit of the sun rays still get to pass through.
Tip #3 Put on moisturizer on the place
As soon as you get on the place, apply a layer of your best moisturizer to keep your skin from drying up.
Tip #4 Bring a small basic skin care set with you in your bag at all times
I have made this a habit of mine. I never leave the house without my skin care products in the house.
Tip #4 Never touch your face with dirty hands
Remember that your skin is extra sensitive! Your face absorbs dirt fast.
Tip #5 Invest on a hydration mist
I used to think that a hydration mist is just as simple as spraying water on your face. Little did I know that hydration mists are instant pick-me-ups. Whenever your skin feels dry in the middle of the day, just spray hydration mist on your face. You can do it as many times as you want. It instantly (as in in 5 seconds) gives your skin a healthy glow. The brands I recommend are: Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist,  Jane Iredale’s Pommist Hydration Spray, and Evian’s Mineral Water Spray.

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